Tony Iommi - Eighth Star


Not The Same/I'm Gone/Real World/Don't You Tell Me/I'll Be Fine/From Another World/Through The Rain/Shakin' My Wings */No Stranger To Love * (remix, 1986) (45:36 min)

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Line Up (except for *):
Tony Iommi (guitar)
Glenn Hughes (vocals, bass)
Don Airey (keyboards)
Dave Holland (drums)

Comments: This is something we all never ever even dared to dream of - the recording sessions of Tony Iommi and Glenn Hughes from 1996. Hot and brandnew tracks which were said to never see the light of the day again. The soundquality is similar to the "Eternal Idol Demos" with Ray Gillen on vocals. Besides the session tracks the CD also includes "Shakin' My Wings" which is actually a cover version of Jethro Tulls "Cry Me A Song" with Glenn Hughes on vocals but not Tony Iommi on guitar. Last track is the video version of "No Stranger To Love". Dave Holland is a former Judas Priest drummer. The CD was released in Japan in 1999! One year later a second edition of 500 copies were done, exactly the same CD, only on the back it says "Second Edition" instead of "Limited Edtion 500 Copies", not numbered.

Place Of Recording:
Tony Iommi's Studios, UK

late 1996

about 60,- DM or 300,- SEK

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