Getting a MP3 Player

You can download some good MP3 Players at the following addresses:

Netscape Audio/Video Plugins



Configuring Your Browser

Adding the audio/x-mpeg MIME type

Netscape Navigator

  1. Open the "Options->General Preferences->Helpers" (Netscape 3) or "Edit->Navigator->Application" (Netscape 4) Dialog.
  2. Press the "Create New Type..." Button.
  3. Type "audio" (without the ") (Netscape 3) or "audio/x-mpeg" (without the ") (Netscape 4) in the Mime Type field.
  4. Type "x-mpeg" in the Mime SubType field (Netscape 3 only).
  5. Press "OK" (Netscape 3).
  6. Add "mp3" in the File Extensions field.
  7. Press the "Launch the application" radio button.
  8. Press the "Browse..." button and insert the path to your MP3 Player.

Internet Explorer
  1. Go to View - Options - Program Files (tab)
  2. Click on the File Types button
  3. Click on New Type
  4. In description, type Mpeg Layer 3 streamed audio
  5. In associated extension, type .m3u
  6. In content type (mime) type audio/x-mpegurl
  7. Click on the New Button
  8. In Action type &Open
  9. In Application used..., type "c:\program files\mp3player\mp3player.exe /l" (or whatever the path is to your MP3 Player for you)
  10. Click Ok
  11. Cick Ok, and you're done. BTW- If you download these .m3u files to your harddrive,
    you now can double click on them, and stream the audio right from the explorer program / file manager!!

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