Black Sabbath - Return To 1969


Paranoid/Iron Man/Black Sabbath (incl. extra verse)/War Pigs/Hand Of Doom/N.I.B. (42:57 min)

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Tony Iommi (guitar)
Geezer Butler (bass)
Ozzy Osbourne (vocals)
Bill Wards (drums)

Comments: "Live At Plumpton" - the very first and the most rare Black Sabbath bootleg on vinyl. This CD contains recordings from that famous record and is the only real 'Plumpton'-bootleg on CD so far. Unfortunately the sound quality is less good than on the record and also really less good than on the self-burned CD "Live At Plumpton" (Digital Bitch Productions). Due to latest information we have it seems to be sure that those recordings were not from Plumpton than from Berlin, Germany. You can hear the crowd speaking German, Sabbath definitely played not in Plumton, recordings are the same as on the well-known "Audimax 1970" tape and also Ozzy's announcings make no sense if the band was England. Released and made in Japan in 1996!

Audimax, Freie Universität, Berlin, Germany

26th June 1970

about 50,- DM to 60,- DM

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