Where to get bootlegs?

This question I have been asked various times and I only can say: there is no answer!

Look, most of the stuff listed in my Black Sabbath Bootleg Album Discography has been released years if not even decays ago. Except for the Italian and Luxembourg bootlegs CDs from early Nineties most of the records were printed in a limited edition, mostly around 1000 copies. Those modern bootlegs from Japan like "Chicago '83", "Turn To Glenn" or "Wicked Sabbath" sometimes are stronger in numbers. They have not been sold out that quick but that is due to the fact that they are quite expensive and more difficult to get.

The best advise I can give is to check out "For Sale" sections in music magazines, buy the collectors 'zines like "Record Collector" or "Oldie-Markt" and always go to used record shops and record fairs. Searching a long time at any place you can imagine is the best way to increase your chance to get something. Maybe also ask in the Black Sabbath Mailing List and in the Black Sabbath Newsgroup - anything you can imagine might help you.

Good used record shops in the Internet to check out are:

Record Heaven

Vinyl Tap


Lost Horizons

Just to give you some numbers: I am collecting Black Sabbath bootleg LPs and CDs since 1991 and even I do buy nearly anything I can get I only have around 70% of all bootlegs I do know that they exist!

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