Black Sabbath - Beast In Heaven


The Gates Of Hell, Neon Knights/The Shining/The Wizard/War Pigs/Headless Cross/Rusty Angels/I Won't Cry For You/Mob Rules/Black Sabbath (51:03 min)

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Tony Iommi (guitar)
Neil Murray (bass)
Tony Martin (vocals)
Cozy Powell (drums)
Geoff Nicholls (keyboards)

Comments: Another outstanding bootleg which - of course - no real Black Sabbath collector should miss in his collection is "Beast In Heaven" which contains an excellent radio show from 1995. Another interesting point is that this recording includes Cozy Powell on drums who left Black Sabbath shortly after the US leg of the "Forbidden World Tour 1995" and recordings from USA of that era are really rare - specially in this good quality. Sabbath definitely played in best shape and specially performed "I Won't Cry For You" which was droped of the set list shortly. Last things to mention is that from that concert there exists a video recording and also another bootleg called "Wizard Over Stockholm" which contains additionally parts of "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" of that show but has a less good quality. Made in Japan, 1996!

Karlshamn Rock Festival, Sweden

6th June 1995

about 45,- DM

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