Black Sabbath - Chicago '83

Line Up:
Tony Iommi (guitar)
Ian Gillan (vocals)
Geoff Nicholls (keyboards)
Geezer Butler (bass)
Bev Bevan (drums)


CD1: Supertzar (incl. screaming baby)/Children Of The Grave/Hot Line/War Pigs/Disturbing The Priest/Supernaut incl. Bev Bevan solo/Rock'n'Roll Doctor/Iron Man/Zero The Hero/Heaven And Hell incl. Tony Iommi solo (69:42 min)

CD2: Black Sabbath/Smoke On The Water/Paranoid/Hot Line*/War Pigs*/Black Sabbath*/Zero The Hero*/Digital Bitch*/Iron Man*/Smoke On The Water*/Paranoid* (66:24 min)

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Comments: Another exciting Black Sabbath bootleg - what else? Recordings from Chicago are excellent audience recordings and Reading is excellent soundboard, comes close to the Worchester 1983 radio show quality and for me the best Reading bootleg so far! Front and back cover as you can see shows amazing good black and white shots of Tony Iommi and Ian Gillan live. Bondage again prooved themselves to be among the best bootleg companies in the world. Released in Japan in 1998!

UIC Pavillion, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Reading Festival, England (*)

18th November 1983
27th August 1983 (*)

about 100,- DM

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