Black Sabbath - Turn To Glenn


Supertzar/Mob Rules/Children Of The Sea/Danger Zone/War Pigs/Symptom Of The Universe - Sweet Leaf/Sphinx (The Guardian) - Seventh Star/Turn To Stone/No Stranger To Love (47:21 min)

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Line Up:
Tony Iommi (guitar)
Dave "The Beast" Spitz (bass)
Glenn Hughes (vocals)
Geoff Nicholls (keyboards)
Eric Singer (drums)

Comments: The only bootleg CD of Black Sabbath featuring Glenn Hughes on vocals. Unfortunately like on the 7" EP "Providence 1986" and all the various tapes that are floading around with Glenn Hughes on vocals the sound quality is not that great. The boot sounds still good compared with the tapes and the EP but don't expect something like a radio show. Good audience recording I would judge. Important to mention: "Turn To Glenn" is the only source for "No Stranger To Love" played live, which nobody who likes the "Seventh Star" era should miss. Please mark that these are recordings from a rehearsal, NOT from a Black Sabbath concert played in front of a huge crowd. Released in Japan somewhere in 1995!

Final Live Rehearsals, Hollywood, CA., USA

14th March 1986

about 50,- DM or 220,- SEK

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