Black Sabbath - The Ray Gillen Years


Danger Zone/War Pigs/Heart Like A Wheel/Sweet Leaf/Black Sabbath/Neon Knights/Glory Ride/Lost Forever/Eternal Idol/The Shining/Hard Life To Love/Ancient Warrior/Born To Lose (74:03 min)

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Line Up (live recordings):
Tony Iommi (guitar)
Ray Gillen (vocals)
Geoff Nicholls (keyboards)
Dave "The Beast" Spitz (bass)
Eric Singer (drums)

Comments: Another oustanding Black Sabbath bootleg CD - finally "The Eternal Idol Demos" with the late Ray Gillen on vocals released on CD together with an amazing radio show from the "Seventh Star"-Tour! The soundquality of both recordings is very good. Said to be limited to 500 copies. Also re-released in Germany as self-burned CD by some CD-Traders. The line up for "The Eternal Idol Demos" is the same as on the official "The Eternal Idol" album except Ray Gillen on vocals. Released by Bondage Music somewhere back in 1995 in Japan! A kind of "update CD" exists, called "Complete Ray Gillen Years" which also includes the track "Nightmare" and solos during the demo-tracks.

Venue (live recordings):
Hemisphere, San Antonio, Texas, USA

April 1986

about 60,- DM or 300,- SEK

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