Black Sabbath - Symptom Of The Paranoid

Line Up:
Tony Iommi (guitar)
Ozzy Osbourne (vocals)
* Dave Walker (vocals)
Geezer Butler (bass)
Bill Ward (drums)


CD1: Hole In The Sky/Snowblind/Symptom Of The Universe/War Pigs/Megalomania/Guitar Solo/Drum Solo/Supernaut/Iron Man/Guitar Solo including Orchid (59:00 min)

CD2: Guitar Solo introducing Black Sabbath/Spiral Architect/Embryo introducing Children Of The Grave/Paranoid/Snowblind +/Iron Man +/Junior's Eyes * (39:25 min)

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Comments: After various numbers of "Paris 1970", "Tokyo 1980" and so on recordings have been released finally something interesting appeard - "Symptom Of The Paranoid"! This double CD contains some nice recordings from 1975 plus bonustracks from 1978. It is one of the rare boots that contain live versions of "Megalomania" and "Spiral Architect" plus the common "Junior's Eyes" version with Dave Walker on vocals. The soundquality is not as good as the cover suggests but still worth listening. Made and released in Japan at the end of 1998!

Civic Centre, Baltimore, USA
Legion Arena, Pittsburgh, USA +
BBC Midlands TV *

8th February 1975
2nd September 1978 +
6th January 1978 *

about 100,- DM

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